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Connect people


Now that the coronavirus pandemic is calming down,
That person or this person with whom you have lost touch...
By being conscious of distance, human relationships have also become distance.

That day, the local community, communication within the company, and everyone worked hard to make the sports day a success.
Boccia is a tool to get that back.

Steertech Boccia, through Recreational Boccia
We will support you in creating such an environment again.

Don't know how? We will visit you anywhere in Japan to provide guidance.
Come on, Re-Create with recreational boccia!


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What is Boccia?

Boccia is a sport for people with disabilities that originated in Europe and was created for athletes with impaired athletic ability due to cerebral palsy or other conditions.

It is a sport that is becoming more and more popular year by year among both disabled and able-bodied people because of the familiarity of "just throwing (rolling) a ball" and the depth of the skills that become possible as you improve.

It is a wonderful sport that many people, regardless of age or gender, whether they have a disability or not, are passionate about it, sometimes with smiles, sometimes with frustration.

Rules and Equipment

Our proposal

You've heard of Boccia, you've seen it before, but you don't know how to do it. I want to try it, but where should I start?

We can help you.

We have original products such as balls, courts, target mats, etc. at reasonable prices, and we offer the perfect boccia environment for those who want to try it out.

Steertech Boccia is used by a variety of groups across Japan, including social welfare councils, local sports clubs, local boccia associations, elementary and junior high schools, high schools, universities, and corporate boccia clubs.

You may even be able to be matched with a team in a neighboring town. It's wonderful to revitalize a town through a rec boccia tournament.

First, please contact us and let us know your voice! I will help you.

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