What is Boccia?

What kind of sport is it?

BOCCIA is an official Paralympic sport.

It was developed in Europe for people with cerebral palsy and severe limb disabilities to participate in sports.
It is a young sport, with an international federation established in 2013.

BOCCIA was originally created from the Italian words PALLA and BALLO.
The idea behind BOCCE was an outdoor competition in which players threw wooden boards and balls.
It is said that it evolved from pétanque and lawn bowling, but similar games exist all over the world, so it is not known exactly what it is.

The charm of Boccia

In Japan, there are similar games such as "ohajiki" and "marble play" that children are fascinated by.
Golf, darts, curling, tamata, the undama toss at Udo Shrine, and throwing a ball of tissue into a garbage basket in everyday life are all similar.
I imagine that even in primitive times, our ancestors played by throwing stones and sticks.

Since people come up with similar games all over the world, it's a game that appeals to everyone, something that humans find fundamentally fun.

I have also seen many boccia scenes, and I always see adults having fun, laughing, and feeling frustrated, and when I see them heading home contentedly, I think it's human nature. It's a sport that brings you back to life.

Boccia is a sport that allows you to feel the joy of living as a human being and enjoy it regardless of your disability, age, gender, or physique.

Why don't you join us this weekend and go to the gymnasium to get back to being a "human" person?

How to play Boccia

Watch the video for more details!

*Sorry, it's only in Japanese.