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Is the ball certified?

BISFed (World Boccia Federation) has a certification system for competitive boccia balls, and requires the use of certified balls in official boccia matches.
Certification requires passing a rigorous exam at BISFed in Canada. It is only natural that such standards are required in a competition that competes for the best in the world. If we compare it to swimming, the environment in which times can be measured in 1/100 seconds is strictly determined in official competitions.
Every sport you can remember has strict criteria to determine who is the best in the world. However, is there really a need for such standards as determining the world's best in a general regional sports competition? I don't think international referees and world-class equipment are necessary for various local sports such as baseball, soccer, tennis, and table tennis.
At Steertec Boccia, we are attempting to pass the certified ball test, but as the standards are very high, we have not had any balls pass the exam at this time. However, Steertec Boccia's balls are of the size shown in the Boccia Rule Book. Since it is made of high quality products, it has sufficient functions, performance, and price for local sports and recreational sports.

What is the difference between BASIC balls and PREMIUM balls?

Both the PREMIUM ball and BASIC ball are manufactured using Japanese synthetic leather called Teijin Cordley.
The PREMIUM balls are made using cloth that uses original colors that were colored by Teijin Co., Ltd. during the manufacturing process.
On the other hand, BASIC balls are made of white synthetic leather that is later colored to keep the price down.
For example, the difference is whether you make it with blue imitation paper or make it with blue ink applied to white imitation paper afterwards. PREMIUM balls, which are originally colored, can be said to have better durability and texture.

How should I clean the ball?

Wipe gently with a tightly wrung cloth dampened with neutral detergent (Kao Magiclin recommended).
Please avoid soaking it directly in water and washing it, as you cannot expect it to recover.
Do not clean with volatile oil (gasoline, kerosene, trichloride, acetone, parts cleaner) as this may cause the print to peel off or discolor.

Should I buy a cafe coat or a half coat?

Steertech Boccia offers three types of courts.

Full size coat This is a cloth coat close to the size of the official competition. At 10m in the longitudinal direction (vertical direction), it is longer than you might imagine, so you may be surprised when you first see it. And throwing a boccia ball 10 meters away requires a certain amount of strength and control. Approximately, if one sheet is pasted in an elementary school gymnasium, it will occupy 60% of the area. Manufactured for use in public arena facilities, event venues, etc.

The area is about half that of a formal half-court competition. According to research conducted so far, many players who enjoy playing boccia play by setting up courts of this size with curing tape. If you prepare two and three sides in an elementary school gymnasium, it is possible to have a round-robin match at the same time.
First of all, we recommend using this coat.

Cafe Court This is a cloth coat that is convenient if you want to enjoy boccia in a limited space. We started manufacturing this product in response to a request from a restaurant owner who is a bocce fan, who wanted to ``set up a permanent bocce court for customers so that they could enjoy boccia like billiards while drinking alcohol.'' This product is recommended not only for restaurants but also when you want to enjoy it in a limited space such as a conference room or cafeteria.

[Size comparison]
Full size coat body: Height 10.7m Width 6.7m
Coat printing surface: 10m long x 6m wide

Cafe coat body: length 3.3m width 2m
Coat printing surface: Height 3m Width 1.8m

Half coat body: length 5.3m width 3m
Coat printing surface: 5m long x 3m wide

What material is the coat made of?

Made of polyester cloth.
If it is made from materials such as vinyl or rubber, it will be too heavy for one person to lift.
On the other hand, if it is made of a material with extremely low specific gravity such as nylon, it will not be able to stay in place due to its own weight and will quickly shift out of position.
The Steertech Boccia court is designed to have a minimal weight that even women can carry, and a weight that is easy to install.

Please tell me about the product warranty.

All products come with a one year warranty under normal use. The condition is to show the date of purchase on the receipt or email at the time of purchase.
Products sold directly by us, such as purchases on this site or on Amazon.
Please note that although we offer product guarantees for purchases made through authorized dealers, we may not be able to guarantee products purchased from other dealers.