Printing on boccia balls

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How to Order

1 Purchase items

Purchase a ball (or boccia set) and the same number of "Boccia Ball Team Prints" as you want to print.
*Please contact us if you would like to print on other companies' products.

2 Submit data for printing

Please upload your print data using the form on the contact page.
*If there are multiple files, please combine them into one by creating a zip file, etc.

If you would like to print but don't know what kind of data to send, please feel free to contact us!

3 Check sample images

We will adjust the data and test print it on an actual ball.
We will send you a test printed image via email so you can check the finished product.
If there are no problems, we will proceed with printing.

test print

4 Shipping

Once all printing is completed, we will ship the product.
Delivery time is approximately 3 weeks.


Points to note when submitting data

Data form

You can submit in Illustrator (.ai), Photoshop (.psd), EPS, TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, etc.
We also accept hand-drawn illustrations, so please feel free to contact us.

file format

Printable area

Please make sure it fits within approximately 35mm in diameter.
Since printing is performed on a curved surface, printing outside the area is likely to cause blurring or blurring.

Image resolution

350-400 dpi recommended at 100% size.
Even if you don't know about the resolution, please send us the data first so we can adjust it for you.



If submitting in Illustrator format, please convert all text to outlines.


About the white version

We will create it for you as needed, so there is no need to prepare white version data separately.

About the colors used

Full color CMYK printing is possible.
When printing blue on a blue ball or red on a red ball, please add a white border or a background in a color other than red or blue below the shape.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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