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Continued to be loved by all players
STEERTECH's Boccia supplies

Steertech's boccia supplies are popular among boccia fans of all styles due to their affordable prices and quality.
This ball complies with the Boccia competition rules, so it can be used in full-scale matches (please give priority to the referee and organizer's judgment regarding match standards).

For corporate boccia club players, BC2 and BC3 players and their playing assistants,

  • Softness (hardness)
  • touch
  • Straight progression
  • slow feeling
  • maintenance
We conduct thorough interviews with customers and incorporate their feedback into our products.

Also, if you want to change the weight or softness (hardness), you can request it from the workshop (charges apply).
In addition, we have a wide range of goods related to boccia that are full of ideas that can be enjoyed in a variety of situations.

Reason for being loved

01 Pursuing recreational boccia at a price that everyone can afford

What if a game that everyone wants to enjoy is not available at a price that everyone can afford?
What's wrong with Universal Sports' prices not being Universal?
Is Boccia your dream game?
Boccia is a game that you always want to get together with your friends and have fun.
Steertech's boccia supplies are available at affordable prices.
However, we never set prices without considering profit margins...
Please use the proceeds from the sale to make your next dream come true.

02 I tried it many times and made it

The development team tried throwing the ball many times.
In 2015, it's a ball game that no one knows about yet, so is this a good thing?
I thought it would be a good idea to do something like that...I have so far produced a lot of prototypes that I didn't want.
Balls that are too hard to drop where you want them, do not meet the 262mm-278mm standard, balls filled with pellets overflowing, synthetic leather that hardens over time, etc.
The reason why we were able to spend so much time developing this game is simply because the entire development team loves boccia.

03 Make Boccia more interesting!

As you know, Boccia is a sport that you can really enjoy.
That's true, but I'm always trying to find ways to make it more fun.
At the request of the Kyoto City Center for Persons with Disabilities, we made yellow and green balls in addition to the standard red and blue balls for "square boccia," which is played from four directions.
It will be like a battle (lol)

In addition, we recreated the boccia court, which is generally made using curing tape or masking tape, using cloth.
The court is quick to set up and beautiful, and is loved by Office de Boccia players.

We will continue to develop many more products in the future, such as practice target mats and "small" bocce balls for children.